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  • International Hospitality Training Institute
    Vieux Fort, St. Lucia 

    The beautiful Caribbean islands are a dream vacation for many people. The sun, sand, and warm, tropical breezes beckon people to visit from around the world. 

    To keep visitors returning year after year, cruise ships, hotels, restaurants, and resorts in the region need talented, friendly staff who can deliver a great experience to their guests. Those with professional training are in strong demand, especially for entry-level roles.

    Monroe College’s International Hospitality Training Institute serves as a pathway for local residents to train for entry-level travel and tourism jobs. The College is proud to partner with the government of St. Lucia on this special program to assist those eager to enter the hospitality workforce.

    The Training Institute, located in the southern town of Vieux Fort in St. Lucia, offers certificate programs in five high-demand hospitality roles:  Bartending, Event Planning and Logistics, Front Office / Guest Services, Food & Beverage Service, or Housekeeping. Additional training on professionalism, customer service, communication skills, teamwork, accountability, and leadership are incorporated into each track.  

    Certificate Programs


    Hotels, resorts, and cruise ships are dedicating significant energy and square footage to on-property bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The demand has never been  greater for well-trained, professional bartenders to staff them.

    The Certificate in Bartending is designed to provide students with the training required to be successful in this dynamic role. Among the critical areas explored in the curriculum: beverage mixology, customer relations, handling payment transactions, maintaining inventory and stock. Students will learn best practices in creating a positive guest experience by focusing on interpersonal skills, food and beverage knowledge, beverage service tips and techniques, sanitation, and safety.

    Event Planning and Logistics

    Special events are an important part of hospitality venue operations. Making sure that they are executed well — and to guests’ delight — is essential. From special occasions such as weddings and birthday parties to business conferences, community events, and concerts, a great deal of work goes into making every event memorable and flawless.

    The Certificate in Event Planning and Logistics is designed to help students master the broad range of skills required to be effective Event Coordinators. This person typically assists the Event Planner in executing the many details behind a great event. Among the typical areas of responsibility: coordinating and executing a detailed event plan, implementing policies and procedures, monitoring and evaluating events, and assisting with logistics during the event.

    Front Office / Guest Services

    Experts predict that the strengthening global economy will continue to drive consumer demand in the hospitality sector. That, in turn, will lead to heightened competition among brands to ensure that they provide guests with an exceptional experience to spur loyalty and repeat business. Front office operations, typically known as Guest Services, plays a pivotal role in this work, ensuring that assistance is provided in a warm, professional, and responsive manner from the moment a guest arrives on site.

    The certificate program in Front Office / Guest Services provides students with the requisite confidence, skills, knowledge and professional orientation to be well-prepared for customer-facing customer service roles on cruise ships, hotels, and resorts. The curriculum will include training on impactful communications, complaint resolution, guest arrival and departure, departmental operations, guest safety and security, as well as reservations and sales.

    Food & Beverage Service

    Bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues are a significant source of revenue for today’s hospitality spaces. As such, there is great demand for talented and enthusiastic staff and servers to ensure guests have a positive, memorable experience during their stay.

    The certificate program in Food & Beverage Service prepares students with the requisite skills, knowledge, and professional attributes to provide passengers with outstanding service. Among the topics addressed in class: basic food and beverage product knowledge, professional etiquette, and best practices in delivering quality service, as well as standards in table service, effective sales techniques, and dealing with customer issues.


    Today’s hospitality venues are being built to accommodate exponentially more visitors. Keeping the guest accommodations comfortable, clean, and well-maintained is a constant priority. Housekeeping staff play a large role in facilitating this work and ensuring that guests’ needs are being met throughout their vacations.

    The Certificate in Housekeeping program prepares students to be strong brand ambassadors and effective, responsible, and personable Housekeepers (or Stateroom Attendants). The program will teach students best practices in guest relations, housekeeping, and security, as well as how to help ensure a positive brand experience for guests.


    Classes for each certificate program run for 14 weeks, with the following program start dates:

    • Monday, October 15, 2018
    • Tuesday, January 22, 2019
    • Tuesday, May 21, 2019


    The International Hospitality Training Institute welcomes students from throughout the Caribbean. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. 

    For more information and to apply, please contact:

    National Apprenticeship Programme
    Office of the Prime Minister
    2nd Floor, Chitolie Building
    Beanefield, Vieux Fort
    Saint Lucia