Monroe College's Bronx campus is an ideal urban campus located in the bustling Fordham section.

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Located in downtown New Rochelle, the Monroe College New Rochelle campus is nestled in a diverse, thriving suburban community in Westchester County.

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Located on the Vide Boutielle Highway, Monroe College’s St. Lucia campus offers a practical education designed to give students a competitive edge in the workplace.

Panel Discussion: How Monroe Graduates Networked Their Way to Success

June 17, 2015

The Office of Loan Management and the Office of Career Services presented a panel discussion on “How Monroe Graduates Networked Their Way to Success.” Alumni returned to discuss the Monroe resources that facilitated their post-graduation success.  There were two panel sessions in New Rochelle on Tuesday, June 16, and two panel sessions in the Bronx on Wednesday, June 17. Each session heard from different alumni about their current professions and their involvement with the Alumni Office.

There were a total of eight alumni at the various panels.  The sessions all centered on the resources offered by Monroe College and how utilizing those resources enables alumni to network the way to success. The panelists delved into detail about their experience dealing with loans – choosing the appropriate repayment option, avoiding delinquencies and defaults, paying student loans on time, and detecting and successfully avoiding scammers. They emphasized the importance of keeping in contact with Office of Loan Management, even after graduation, to fully understand their payment plans and manage their loans effectively. Panel moderator, Director of Loan Management Clemente LaPietra, shed light on Income-Based Repayment (IBR) and Public Servicer Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) to give the attendees clarity on loan policies and plans.   

The alumni also discussed their involvement in clubs like NABA and Toastmasters, connection to alumni relations, and visits to the Office of Career Services. The panelists strongly encouraged attendees to seek available information, take advantage of internship opportunities, and use the Monroe alumni network. Attendees left with the message that by seeking available information, taking advantage of internship opportunities and other resources, and participating in the Monroe alumni network, they too can achieve success.

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